Weighing Some Essentials Of Breast Lift Procedures

Breast lift is a surgical procedure which primarily focuses on reshaping and raising sagging breasts brought about by numerous factors.  It may also be done to reduce the size of the areola.  After concentrating on these aspects, an increased breast size and firmness will definitely be achieved.

Candidates for breast lift procedures

The best candidate for breast lift are healthy and emotionally-stable women who are knowledgeable about what breast lifting can do for them.  Desired results may be achieved by women with small, sagging breasts.  Although any breast size may be lifted, the effect of the operation on larger ones may not be long-lasting.

Before breast lift procedures

A good breast lift procedure starts with a heart-to-heart talk between you and your doctor.  Discuss all your expectations and in return, your surgeon will give you his opinions on the matter.  Both of you may have different views but it helps that you raise your concerns.

Your doctor will then measure the size of your breasts in two ways – while you are standing and sitting.  He will then begin to tell you any factor that may affect the results of the breast lift procedure.  Some of the factors you are deemed to talk about are age, breast size and shape and skin condition.

The positioning of your areola and nipples will be vital as well.  With these things regarded, your surgeon may impart to you the risks and the limitations of undergoing the operation.  It pays that things are examined before the procedure itself.

After the examination, a mammogram test may be required.  This will depend upon your age and family history.  In the long run, specific instructions will be given to help you prepare for the breast lift.  Your eating habits may be changed plus you will be advised on smoking habits and avoidance of certain medications and vitamins.

Breast lift procedure proper

The length of time for the procedure will usually take one and a half to three hours, depending on the technique used.  During the procedure, women are advised to wear elastic bandages or surgical bras.  These materials are known to give you comfort alongside a gauze dressing.

What to expect after the breast lift procedure

Normal feeling extends to discomfort.  This feeling will subside after a couple of weeks through ample medications given by your surgeon.  A soft support bra should be used several days after the breast lift procedure to replace the bandage or surgical bra you have been using.  The soft support bra should be worn over a layer of gauze for three to four weeks.  Your stitches will then be removed after a week or two.

You should also bear in mind that a breast lift will not keep your breast firm forever.  In time, forces coming from gravity, pregnancy and weight will eventually take the place of the procedure.  There is a chance that your breast will sag again and another breast lift process should be undergone.