Ultimate Bra Guide to Make Breasts Appear Bigger

If you have small breasts, then finding out the right bra must have been a nightmarish affair so far. But all it needs is little research to get the ideal brassiere to make your breasts look bigger. So, we have assembled a comprehensive guide that will give you a little prod in the right direction.

 Learn The Right Bra Size  

When you are trying out a new bra, first ensure that the cups can hold your breasts properly. There should be no spilling out of your boobs whatsoever. Furthermore, the bra strap must sit nicely on your back and shoulders. If it is slipping off whenever you are doing something remotely active, then it’s time to move on to the next bra.

Lastly, the second and third hook of the bra is there to support the cups, once the bra gets stretchable. But when you are fitting in it for the first time, try the third hook first. Your bra should not hang down low. Rather, it must give your torso a cozy fit. Is it doing so? If yes, then go for the brassiere.

Push-Up Bra

Push up bra is the Holy Grail for flaunting seemingly bigger boobs. If you have small breasts, then stocking your wardrobe with push-up bras in various designs and colors should be your initial step. Wearing push-up bra will definitely lift up your breasts and thrust them forward. In case you want to parade your décolletage without showing the joining of two cups, then also push-up bra is the cleverest choice. If you are planning to wear a deep neckline, you are allowed to do this with it. Wear push up bra to feel voluptuous and sexy all the time.

Padded Bra  

Next to push-up bra, padded bra is in the rage among women who want to flaunt bigger bosom. Just like the push-up brassiere, a padded bra also puts your boobs in an elevated position and makes them appear bigger. But unlike push-up bra, you will find much more comfort while wearing a padded one. There are multiple types of cushioning that are available. Some padded bras come with in-built padding. For others, you will find separate pads with the package. You need to sew them inside the brassiere, just before donning them up.


Water/Gel Bra

Water or gel based bras are the latest addictions for any fashionista who loves to make her bosom appear bigger than the original size. Planning to go for a dance party where you need to do lots of movement but prefer not to wear something as firm as push-up bra? Then a gel-based bra should be your best choice. It can be an adhesive or a stick-on. But when you swirl or twirl, your boobs will support your motion more comfortably, while looking million bucks from outside.


Consider The Material

The material of your bra is as important as the bra size itself. Do you know that lacey bra tends to make your breasts seem more voluptuous than typical, say, cotton bras? But here lies the catch. If your bra is made in thin, stretchable lace, then it might not provide you with the coveted effect. On the other hand, heavy lace bras are best to make your bosom plumper.

When you are into jogging or working-out, then the material of sports bra should be ideal for your small breasts. The padding inside the sports bra tends to make your breasts appear bigger. On the other hand, the jersey fabric soaks sweat real fast.


Be Flexible

Don’t get too serious with hunting down the perfect size bra. It means you should take the decision with proper consideration, but not as if your life hangs on it. A female body goes through changes in various decades. If right now you are wearing B Cup, then pregnancy or hormonal fluctuation can make it C cup in few years down the line. So not getting obstinate with the cup size should be way to go ahead with it. Also, if you prefer not to wear bra all the time, then it’s alright too.

In case you master the art of wrap your breasts with the tape correctly, then this too, gives your breasts a nice push as well as makes them look bigger. Additionally, the bandeau bra and silicon strips serve the same purpose as well as the tapes.


Bra Hacks

 To make life easier for a girl with small boobs, there are umpteen hacks that make her breasts appear fuller. First of all, it’s always advisable to have at least 7-8 bras at your disposal. The more frequently you use a bra, the more stretchable and worn-out its straps get. That’s why changing bra in ever alternate day is the way to go.

Also small breasts come with many variations. Your breast might be voluminous in the base portion than the upper part. In that case, balconette bra should be the ideal solution. If you don’t want to add push-up stick- on, yet trying to bring on the décolletage, then apply bronzer around the rim of your breast. Coat it with shimmer to create a cleavage illusion.


Buy The Best Bra Online

Online bra shopping can be a fun experience as well, if you do your exploration properly. Go to any prime online market place and take good use of the filter system with- cup size, color, and material and bra type. In order to do that, you need to quantify your bra size first. If you are targeting for a particular company, then go through the reviews on its bra collection for small breasts.

Sometimes, many little-known brands offer perfect bra designs for women, who want to make their boobs appear bigger. So not getting stuck on a particular brand would make your shopping experience easier.

The above points can provide you with a blueprint to buy the perfect bra for small boobs. Read around, experiment, and give trials to multiple sizes. After that, come to the conclusion of which one to buy. Ultimately, ensure that you are comfortable within it.

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