Tips On How To Make Your Breasts Seem Bigger

Bigger breasts don’t come easy. A healthy lifestyle, supplements, exercise and (sometimes) surgery form what it takes to attain fuller bosom. But what about the interim period? Or, if you don’t have the means? Then you should opt for the smart hacks that make your breasts look bigger.

Clever Dressing

Clever dressing is the best way to make your boobs appear bigger. You can put horizontal stripes on upper part of the body in terms of clothing. Horizontal stripes always make a body-part appears larger. If you wear two-toned dress, then ensure that the darker tone should be on top part. Wear the lighter color on bottom wear. In case you are donning a dress, then clinch your waist with a belt. A clinched midriff accentuates your bosom and makes them expanded.

Silicon Pad

Put silicon pads at both the sides of your boobs and see the outcome. Silicon pads don’t have the capacity to lift up your boobs unlike push-up bras. Yet it will make them look rounder. Similarly, water bra is another popular alternative to have big breasts. It is made of lightweight material and doesn’t feel so limited like push-up undergarment. In fact, you can move around a great deal with the help of water bra.

Push-Up Bra

This is the hottest-in-demand bra, which women with small breasts world-wide swear by. Push-up bra not only gives your boobs some lift but also creates a nice cleavage to go with. In the event that you want to feel like a seductive and confident woman with fuller bosom while socializing, then this is the best piece of undergarment to go after. The cushioning of push-bra is the apex of the whole lifting up system.

Additionally, you can opt for padded bra as well. This one also will put your boobs in an elevated position. But don’t expect to make any cleavage with padded innerwear.

Good Posture

Learning what good posture is is an education in itself. Not slouching is a feat, even when your body is involuntarily doing the job. Mirror practice is the easiest way to rehearse over and over on- how to stand/sit correctly so that your breasts appear bigger. Gaze at your sideway reflection on a mirror. Can you able to form an imaginary straight line starting out from your earlobe till the ankle? If yes, then your bosom is bound to appear fuller and alluring. No? Then hone till you ace the art.

Smart Necklines

The neckline of your top or dress can make or break the appearance of your breasts. Do you know that the asymmetrical neckline is far more intelligent in camouflaging your small boobs? Attempt it and see the result! Also ruffled necks give weightage to your boobs and make them look larger. Though overdoing it can kill the effect.

Deep V-neck, on the other hand, is a total no-no for a woman with tiny bosom. This in fact, emphasizes the actual size of your breasts. Jewel encrusted neckline is another smart way to go ahead and flaunt the fullness of your breasts.

Contour And Accessorize

Contouring is another insightful method to make your boobs appear bigger. Do it only if you are wearing a strapless top or a plunging neck gown. Put on some dark eye shadow in the upper portion of the division- between the breasts. Contour consistently till the time it gives out a realistic looking cleavage. Also spraying shimmer on bare top half of the breasts will make it appear shinier and plump.

It’s more challenging to contouring your breasts than your cheekbones. So learn the tricks from a pro or YouTube videos. In similar fashion, wear interesting accessories in terms of- long chain with pendant or a necklace with elaborate stonework that spreads over half of the bosom. This right accessorizing will definitely make your bosom look greater.

Small Hacks

There are some small life-saving hacks that will make your boobs appear bigger than they are. But do remember that, all of these are temporary. You can’t rely on them for a lifetime. Do you have any swimsuit lying around the house unused? Then snip off the extra padding the bosom portion of the bathing suit has and stitch them inside your normal bra. You will find a nice padding for your boobs to look bigger.

Do this only if the budget of your dream push-up bra is beyond reach and you want an instant solution. Likewise putting on two normal bras one over another will give your bosoms extra bump. Do it in the event you are attending a party for a short period time. Otherwise, your breasts will be greased and suffocated eventually.

Vigorous Massage

Kneading your breasts with cream on a regular basis gives you fuller bosom within short span of time. You can pick up cocoa butter or any presumed massage cream to do this job. Virgin olive oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil are some of the natural ingredients, that are fantastic for breast growth. Learn the different techniques of massage, experiment and stick to the one which suits you best.

The best time for massaging would be at night-before hitting the bed. Do it after taking the shower, in a relaxed mood, so that you can optimize the maximum benefit.

Think For Long-Term

There is no denying of the fact that the above solutions only work momentarily. There is no alternative to long term, sustainable remedies for your small breasts. Follow a good diet that includes veggies, fruits, monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids. Take Vitamin supplements containing Vitamin A, C and E after consulting with your doctor. Do chest press, wall press, and butter-fly press (alternatively) everyday- with dumb-bells?

Wary about going to gym? Then yoga postures such as bow pose, headstand and back benders are instrumental in increasing your breast measure naturally.

Bigger and firmer breasts do a lot to push a woman’s confidence. With these simple tricks, you can look your gorgeous self and curvaceous in an inexpensive way. Experiment a great deal and zero upon the choices best for you.



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