Tips For Healthy Skin On Your Busts

Human Body is a masterpiece with every organ, every part holding its own importance. Breasts or busts are no exclusion to this. Men or women both need to take care of the pair of breasts to lead a healthy life. An attractive and well-maintained bust line is sure to attract many on lookers.

Lets talk in detail about how to maintain your breasts.

Exercise And Lots Of It

Well, exercise has always been a part of doctor’s advise for taking good care of our body. And breasts are no exceptions. It has been a well established fact that a hormone named estrogen is produced by fat cells present in our body which has been linked to many types of cancers, especially breast cancer. Exercising lends a helping hand in shrinking these fat cells thereby reducing the danger of any kind of cancer. A study done at the American Cancer Society says that 150 minutes of regular and moderate intensity exercise is enough to keep our body maintained and safe. So, go out there and exercise to keep your breasts and other body parts healthy and sound.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

It’s OK to eat junk sometimes but you can always make u for the loss done to your body by eating lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Many of the medical studies have suggested that fruits and vegetables produce hormones which are rich in pigments and easily serve as anti-oxidants. Breast cancer can be avoided to some extent if you fill up your food plate with juicy, fresh fruits and vegetables. Do include them in your shopping list now!

Breast Massage

Pregnancy, weight gain, old age are some of the factors which can cause the loss of elasticity in breasts. These drooping breasts can make your whole personality unattractive. Solution for this is regular breasts massage. And it is always advisable to make use of olive oil for massaging. Massaging helps in hydrating the skin cells and softens it as well thereby improving the elasticity of skin cells on your busts.

Wear Right Size

Women, wear that bra of correct size. Women often tend to avoid searching for the correct size bra or get too lazy doing so. But medically, this is not good. A good size bra can provide the much needed support to those heavy breasts and can prevent those heavy and drooping breasts from falling. Remember, a well-supported pair of breasts add to making your personality better and a peeking breast can alter your well-dressed image in no time. Take time from your busy schedule and search for that correct size bra to have well-supported breasts.

Don’t Sleep on Your Stomach

This is one advice which is often given by dermatologists. If you want to have healthy skin on your busts, it is always advisable to avoid sleeping on your stomach as your breasts can easily squish under your body weight which can make them out of shape while making them look saggy. Sleeping on the stomach has negative effects on your heart as well. Thus, try to sleep on your back to have a healthy body in whole.

Regular Medical Check Up

Visit your doctor regularly. In our busy lives, we often tend to ignore our health. But just like any vehicle needs servicing to keep it moving, our body also requires regular doctor check-ups to point out any kind of discrepancy or deficiency at the right time. It has been mostly seen that breast cancer is detected quite late in women which can be easily avoided if women particularly visit their doctors regularly. So, do not get late, plan that pending doctor visit now!


A golden rule for keeping the skin hydrated is moisturizing. Ask and dermatologist and mostly you will get an advise to moisturize your skin. Be it any season, dry and cracked skin can cause lots of irritation and discomfort. Thus, use a good lotion and make it a practice to not only massage your breasts skin but your entire body skin. Remember, a good hydrated, moisturized skin can breathe easily and can be kept healthy for a long time to come.

Go Easy on Alcohol

As per many medical studies, women who drink more than 2 drinks a day increase their risk of having breasts cancer up to 1.5 percent as compared to non drinkers. So, try to have one drink a day to reduce the danger of breasts cancer and have a healthy breast skin. Alcohol is not good for your entire body and minimizing its use can only have positive effects.

Include Folic Acid: Folic acid is known to increase your ability of repairing DNA in the body. On the other hand, the inability to have a well held DNA system can expose your body to all kinds of cancers and keeping the breasts skin firm and healthy. Folic acid can be easily found in green vegetables like spinach, cereals and grains. Doctors also advise to take some folic acid tonics to make over the deficiency of folic acid. But do not consume them on your own. Ask your doctor first!

Don’t Over React!

Yes, you read it right. Every mole is not cancerous. Yes, you may have heard about many studies which say that the mole on your breast can be cancerous, don’t ignore it. But do not become self-doctors. Go to a professional one and better for regular check ups. They are the ones who have all the answers to your worries especially related to your breasts.

Don’t Ignore Family History

Unfortunately, some of us have a family history of breast cancers. Do not ignore this aspect and visit your doctor for regular and clinical breasts. After all, its always better to practice precaution than being sorry.

Breasts skin is soft as compared to other body parts and thus require a little bit more care. Do not lack on this part. Remember a firm and good looking pair of breasts means a good looking you.

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