Side Effects of Surgical Breast Enhancement

While you could achieve self-confidence and boost your morale thought undertaking breast enhancement procedures, you may also be faced with some pressing situations. In order to help you weight things on this aspect, we have listed the side effects for you.Although breast enhancement encompasses life-changing benefits, on the other hand, it is an inevitable fact that it may also cause some side effects. However, these side effects are just normal after undergoing surgery and may subdue after sometime if the procedure is done properly.  There are two classifications of side affects accorded to the surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Side Effects of Surgical Breast Enhancement

We all know that any surgical procedure could cause a variety of side effects.  For breast enhancement, the following effects may be seen:

• Swelling

This side effect is commonly experienced by most individuals who had undergone any kind of breast surgery. The breast would feel heavy, tight and large and the swelling may extend to the abdominal area. But if you wear the supportive surgical garments properly, and sleep in a reclining position, the swelling will settle down in no time.

• Bruising

Bruising may occur depending on the size of the breast implant and how it was placed during the surgery. An ordinary post-surgery bruising must subside after one to two weeks.  However, if it does not recede after the given time, then it would be better to consult your doctor about it.

• Nipple Sensation

After the surgery, the nipples may either become extremely sensitive or in contrast, it may become numb. This is a result of the disturbance that affected the nerve pathways. The change in the sensation of the nipples may either be temporary or permanent.

• Pain

Like in most surgeries, pain is bound to happen after the breast enhancement procedure. However, the feeling of pain is only mild to moderate and it diminishes after a few days.

• Itching

Itching is another side effect of breast enhancement. This is a result of the stretching of the skin. You may use anti-itching cream but it is better to get a prescription from the doctor before buying any product.

• Scars

Scars are part of the breast enhancement surgery and nothing can be done about it. Breast augmentation surgery will leave scars. There is no way to prevent this. The best remedy is to have the incision placed on an area where it is not easily seen. There are different medications to help lessen the scars but it is still best to consult the doctor first.

• Infection

Infection is one of the most dreadful side effects of breast enhancement surgery. This is characterized by redness, swelling, warmth and tenderness which are often accompanied by fever. It is advised to consult with the doctor once these signs are experienced.

Side Effects of Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

While all of the things mentioned above are side effects of breast enhancement surgery, some pills and other oral medications for breast enhancement may also cause some side effects.  Mild cases of acne, mood swings, hormonal irritations and allergic reactions are but a few.

There is no easy step in achieving something especially when it comes to enhancing body appearance.  If you want to take breast enhancement be happy with the benefits and accept the effects by heart.  Anyway, the reactions may be lessened in no time.

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