Use Rice Test To Determine The Sizes of Breast Implants

You might be considering the idea of a breast augmentation and when making this choice, you will need to consider which size breast is right for you. For many of the people who undergo a breast implant revision are undergoing this procedure because the implant was either too large or too small. If the right size is not placed the first time, you could find yourself undergoing the whole surgery again. That is twice the amount of pain and twice the amount of money.

Those who have participated in the surveys will say that when they made the decision on which size breast to go with, they did not have enough information and did not have enough research on hand prior to the decision. When this occurs, you will be unsatisfied and will find yourself undergoing a new procedure to change the size of the implants.

For each time that you undergo the surgery, you will find yourself faced with chances for higher rates of infection. What you might not know is that each time that you need to undergo a reduction or need to change the size of your implant to a larger one, the surgery procedure used can be different than the one that was first used. Depending on the surgeon and his choice of procedure, you could find yourself with a easier recovery period or not.

One of the methods that will help you to decide which size of implant to choose is the rice test. This is going to be where you fill a baggie full of rice and place it in your bra. The size of the breast will show you whether or not you look good or whether or not you need to go smaller or larger.

Here is a video:

If this is not what you want to try or simply do not like the feel of the rice on your skin, some people try the water baggie trick. Either way, you can have a general idea about whether or not the size is too big or too small. The surgeon will use tools to let you see what you would look like as well with a number of sizes of implants.

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