Quick Guide To Breast Massage

Breast massage is a beautiful way to nurturing the feeling of femininity. Apart from this, your breasts will be fuller and firmer with consistent massaging over a period of time. Going to try it out for the first time? A little head-up will show you the way-

The Popular Reiki Massage

There are multiple ways you can knead your breasts. We will discuss three most popular of them here. The technique is the famous Reiki massage. Here, place your palms on both the breasts. Then on one hand, start massaging from centre to outward direction. Do it for 10-15 times and take a pause. Repeat the same motion in the reverse direction. Now do it with the other breast.

Going through this method for 15 minutes every day can bring on visible growth of your breast. Before starting out and during the course, don’t forget to generate heat by rubbing your palms together. Do it for few times.

Consider ‘Female Deer’

Female Deer is another form of breast massage which is gaining popularity recently. Remember that this is more rigorous than the process spelled out above. You have to rub your breasts minimum 300 times at one sitting, by repeating the process twice a day. First warm up the lubricant as well as your palms. Here, you have to start the massaging from outward and then slowly get into the inward part of your bosom.

The pectoral muscles that support the breasts, get worked out with this technique. Result? Fuller breasts that are toned up and have fine textures. If you are feeling confused, then search for YouTube videos to learn the technique.

Breast-lift massage

If your breasts are saggy, then the ‘breast-lift and shape’ massage will elevate naturally. This method is quite easy. First, cover your right breast with left palm. Ensure that the right nipple peeps through between the index finger and the middle finger. After that, take two fingers of your right hand and put mild pressure- starting from the nipple outwards. Do it around the boob for 50-60 rounds in a single sitting.

You must maintain the clockwise motion in ‘lift and shape’ technique. Once your right breast is done, do the same procedure with the left breast covering it with the right hand. Repeat the same motion, pointed out in the first place.

Choose The Lubricant

Choosing the lubricant is second most important part next to learning the correct technique of breast massage. If you believe in natural extracts, then virgin olive oil, then go for it. The anti-oxidants present in olive oil works well to remove the aging signs from your breasts. Apart from olive oil, coconut oil and evening primrose oil are two other lubricants that are quite popular among masseurs.

In winter, opt for cocoa butter for generous blood flow inside your breasts. This ingredient is best suitable for new mothers who have stopped lactating and start regaining the body control back.

Get Into The Mood

If you have not done it before, then you may find it uncomfortable initially to massage bosoms. So getting comfortable with your body is the pre-requisite. You may stand-up, sit-up or lie-down while massaging the bosom. Do it in a comfortable corner of the home, where there is a mirror in front of you. Once you get used to your body, it definitely fill you with more confidence and body positivity.


Don’t do this procedure if you are stressed out. While massaging, put on some soothing music and create a peaceful environment inside the room. Once the massage is done, lie down on your back and stay like that for minimum 10 minutes. The oil or the cream takes time to get absorbed into the skin.

You may consider reading a book in-between though. Once the stipulated time is over, go for a steam bath or hot-and-cold shower. This will act as the stimuli for your breasts further.

Check Sensitivity First

It’s important to check your breast sensitivity first. Put pressure on breasts while kneading them, but if your bosom tends to swell or get red instantly, then stop. Start by gently pinching the skin to test out, how far your tolerance limit goes up. After that, increase the pressure.

For less sensitive breasts, kneading with moderate force is permissible. As mentioned in the above points, warming up the palms is required 2-3 times. This will increase the blood flow of your breasts.

Learn The Benefits

Breast massage has plenty of benefits. Apart from actively growing your breasts naturally, this releases the lymph fluid or prevents it from getting clotted. Many women don’t understand that- how self-examining breasts is the first step to detect breast cancer. If you massage your bosom every day, you will find any visible change (lump, discoloration, and patch) within short span of time.

Massaging your bosoms for a long period of time tones them up and turns the skin texture smoother. Your breasts will be more in-shape and free of blemishes and other aging spots. It can reduce the severity of skin-shrinking by reducing number of wrinkles or acne.

Buy The Ointment Carefully

Buying the ointment should be done carefully. If you are not interested in using natural lubricants, then buy it from the market. But do remember that, going for an herb-based product will produce 100% safe outcome. Wild yam, saw palmetto, fenugreek seeds are some of the plants that are beneficial for the growth of your breasts. So before purchasing the product, check out the ingredient list minutely.

Is there any particular name which you are not familiar with? Then Google, and extract information. Otherwise any unknown component may cause allergy, redness or itchiness around your breast. FDA-approved brands should be your first choice. For more information, go through online forums run by other users.


The above points give you a quick introduction to breast massage. However, to reap the maximum benefits, you need to complement this procedure with regular exercise and nutritious protein-and-fiber-rich diet. At any point, if you feel that the technique is all wrong, then ask any certified physiotherapist for the right moves.

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