Major Problems with Breast Surgeries

One of the struggles many women across the globe face on a daily basis is body shaming and their individual dissatisfaction about their “assets”. While some are blessed with fuller breasts others find it difficult to even make an impression which have surged the trend of Breast surgeries or augmentations to make themselves more desirable.

The Cons of Having Breast Surgeries

The transformation from a flat chest to a curvy figure may seem fascinating almost like an art, but the science behind it has its own set of side effects and perks. Before going under the knife , it’s very important for every woman to know about these facts. Generally women go for either of two options namely Saline Implants where  a sterile saline solution is being filled inside a durable silicone shell, but most prefer the widely popular silicone gel implant where the breasts were surgically filled with viscous silicone gel.

Internal Leakage

The major problem with this kind of implants is that it can get ruptured or have a leakage internally which may lead to fibromyalgia or even thyroid problems. Understanding the fact that we are inserting a foreign body inside us, there are chances that it may break down and gets migrated to other parts of the body. Saline implants have its own set of risks which can lead to bacterial infections, bleeding and even temporary loss of senses in the breasts.

Replacement Costs

Though generally breasts augmentations don’t come in the way of breast feeding but  these implants can burn a hole in your pockets as leaving alone the huge initial investments these shells needs to be replaced with new shells at every 8-10 years interval and this means it will have a recurring maintenance cost associated with it.

Taking Continuous Care

The women who generally go for the surgeries needs to massage it regularly for a comfortable life, failing to do so may lead to unnaturally stiff and painful lumps not to mention that will be ridiculously uncomfortable for the individual. Often termed as a 1st world problem breast augmentations as already mentioned incurs a bomb and the large upfront and recurring costs are a serious bottleneck to the desires of many women. More so, generally none of these surgeries come under any insurance or mediclaims, and one may have to take resort of multiple credit cards or loans to finance the surgery and this financial burden is a huge disadvantage.

Lumps and Swellings

Leaving aside the financial disadvantages, the health concerns are quite long. Apart from the ruptures and leakages that are already being said, it leaves a permanent scar on the tissues around the incision lines of the implants. As we are inserting a foreign body side by side it also exploits the risk that the body may not accept the implants. It may lead to painful lumps, unnatural swellings and stiffness, in extreme cases it may also happen that the implant have to be completely surgically removed which leads to further surgeries, i.e. more expenses and more scars that will eventually damage the natural beauty of the body.

Cosmetic Factos

Apart from these, then there are the cosmetic factors which also hinder the process.  Lets admit here, no implant can make the pairs look like Au Naturale entirely however efficient the surgeon may be. The natural mammary gland tissues are much softer and move with the body where as post surgeries, the breasts may appear a lot perky, a lot stiff and if you are really unfortunate the problem would be they will be totally reluctant to move along with you, meaning if you are into some profession which requires a lot of movement like dancing , swimming or a gym instructor, the implanted pair may be a cause of real embarrassment not to mention the uncomfortable feeling all along.

Expectations hurt too!

Generally when a woman is going under the knife a prior expectation come into play. Maybe you have seen your best friend looking ultra sexy in a D cup thong and you always desired for the same but it may not look exactly perfect on your body. Misunderstanding the proportions and getting swayed away by expectations can lead to major problems. 1stly definitely you would look very much out of shape and it may lead to physical complications like spondylitis and capsular contracture, a condition which leads to development of a thick firm internal scar tissue along with the incision lines which may get firm and stiff with time ultimately resulting in abrupt physical distortion of the breasts. The possibility of these permanent scars and distorted breasts many a times give dilemmas to women to go under the knife.

Fat Transfer – an alternative solution

These factors prompt many women to re consider the option of breast augmentation. Instead they seek out for other alternatives like “Fat Transfer”. It’s a much of a “safer”  option as instead of any foreign bodies being inserted in the body, here the patient herself gets to be the “donor”. Excessive fats from areas like abdomen, thighs, mostly inner thighs are being cut off via liposuction and it gets transferred to the breasts. The fat is 1st purified and then it gets injected inside the breasts. The absence of any foreign substances during the surgery drastically diminishes the chances of the medical complications posed by saline or silicone implants like the bacterial infections, hardening and stiffening of breasts as well as capsular contracture.

However since the fat transfer is subjective to the amount of fat that can be salvaged from the body parts, it may compromise on the fuller sizes and quality of the breast augmentations. But considering that it’s a much more economical and safe way of achieving a perfect pair many actually settle for this option rather than going for the implants.

Time to Think Long Term

Generally breast augmentations are long term investments, they are “assets” after all, but a woman’s mind can change over time as her body can change as well. So the perfect cup of today may not be her priority ten years down the line. The options of Breast reductions and upliftments are also there with all having the similar side effects of scarring and should be done with proper consultation with surgeons and most importantly one must understand the condition of her body. Because a healthy life is the most sought after thing at the end of the day.

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