Home Remedies for Increasing Breasts

Fuller breast is correlated with a woman’s idea of femininity. But it’s not possible for everyone to go after pricey reconstruction surgeries. Within the comfort of home, you may attempt many fruitful steps to get bigger breast size. Want to know more?

Do Yoga

You will find numerous YouTube videos to teach you the correct yoga postures. Want to know some of them? Well, there is downward dog yoga pose, bow pose and the legendary head-stand. But do keep it in mind that, if you are not confident enough to recreate the same posture properly, then it’s always better to ask for an expert’s opinion. Ensure that you wear sports bra and comfortable clothing while doing Yoga for breast size increase.

Learn Chest Press

Learning chest press and doing it 3 sets a day with each set having 15 repetitions- will have tremendous effect on the size of your bustline. You can save money on buying dumb-bells too. Take 1-litre bottle full of water in each hand and do the rest. Apart from chest press, wall press is another indoor-remedy to boost up your breast-size.

This no-equipment exercise can be performed anywhere and anytime. Then there is chair press which requires nothing but a sturdy chair. Constant movement doing household chores yields the benefits of increasing your breasts from the comfort of home.

Include Fish In Diet

Omega-3 fatty acid is a healthy supplement for breast development. Always include oily fish in your diet for expanding the size of your breast. Solomon, tune and sardine are some of the potential names that should find a place in your lunch or dinner plate. In case you are a vegan and don’t like the idea of eating fish, then stock up Omega-3 fatty acid capsules that also serve the same purpose.

One point of caution- if you have cholesterol problem, then limit the fish intake twice a week. Better ask your doctor for advice first.

Binge On Estrogen Rich Foods

Binging on estrogen rich foods is the best you can do to increase the size of your breasts. Estrogen hormone triggers breast growth in a woman’s body. If your body is producing more testosterone hormone, then breast development may jeopardize. To offset it, include legume, fruits and green, leafy veggies in your diet.

Prepare strawberry or banana milk shake and take it as the first thing in the morning. Drink soy milk; bake muffins/cup cakes with sesame seeds or flax seeds if you are not able to take them raw. Additionally, lean chicken is excellent source of low-on-fat and high on protein food, which helps estrogen production in body. Avoid red meat and eat chicken instead.

Massage With Home-Made Lotion

Massaging your breasts regularly help in perking them up as well as expand their sizes. No need to invest on expensive creams and lotions for kneading purpose. Rather, go through your kitchen cabinet and you will find plenty of ingredients to make some effective breast-mask recipes. How about mixing olive oil and honey and applying it on your breasts? Or just putting raw egg yolk on your boobs?

Additionally, onion juice is quite effective in breast growth for its astringent property. So you can see for yourself that these cheap procedures are quite reasonable options too. Learn about the various masks from internet and apply them.

Sip Fenugreek/Fennel Tea

The diosgenin component of fengugreek seeds helps to achieve rounder and fuller breasts naturally. Take 1 cup of hot water, put 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in it, leave for 10 minutes, strain and sip this concoction. Do it once-a-day for 1 month and see the result.

Similarly, fennel seeds have the quality to slow down the breast-shrinking process, due to aging. In similar fashion, brew fennel seeds wit hot water to make your own breast-growth assisting tea.

Believe In Herbs

Including herbs in your everyday life can trigger boob-development like none other. Do you know that wheat germ oil increases the breast tissue growth? While massaging your breast, take wheat germ oil instead of any over-the-counter cream. Massage each breast for 15 minutes to maximize the benefits. Likewise, making a paste of dandelion roots or marshmallow roots with organic oil and applying it on your breasts fuel estrogen production.

Saw palmetto is another fabulous herb that plays an active role in increasing the volume of breasts. You can make a yummy smoothie including saw palmetto and milk and drink it every morning for bosom growth.

Wear Fitted Innerwear

Fitted innerwear is another natural remedy to increase breast size. So many women zero on extra large or too-tight bra that is quite harmful for breast-growth. If the bra strap is slipping off every time you move, then this is the wrong size for you. Likewise, never don a brassiere that squeezes your boobs too tight and leave them gasping for air.

Besides, pick up different bra for different occasions. When you are super active, sports bra is the best choice to keep your boobs in place. While picking up outfit, never go for a neck that flattens out your chest. Padded bra is anther boon to make your breasts appear fuller.

Eat Healthy Fats

Eating healthy fat is one of the most important parts of increasing your breast size. There is a misconception that, to expand boobs, you need to gorge on foods. Don’t ever do that. Eating fatty fries and junk foods will give you cholesterol and flab.

Instead, increase the intake of nuts, dry fruits, and clarified butter in your everyday diet. Not only do they take care of your skin and hair, but also expand your breast size too. In the same way, reduce the mindless intake of white sugar and replace it with brown sugar in tea or coffee, which is way healthier option.

The market is flooded with many artificial procedures of breast enhancement. But apart from being expensive, they come with side-effects too. Home remedies on other hand, do the job without harming your body. So make a choice after doing your analysis, questioning around, and applying your common sense.

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