A Comprehensive Guide On Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lift is gaining lots of popularity these days. Earlier, it was considered to be the go-to procedure of cine stars or models only. But right now, even a girl-next-door can opt for this, to get perkier bosoms. However, many of us have only the foggiest idea about breast lift.

First Know The Pros And Cons

Before you opt for breast-lift, ensure that you are well aware of upsides and downsides of this process. There would be multiple benefits that are associated with breast-lift. Firstly, your breasts will become perkier and tighter. Furthermore, your appearance and confidence will soar high. But there are some cons too.

The effect of breast-lift won’t be permanent, because of aging. In the event you go for pregnancy in near future, the visible result of the lift operation may get jeopardized. There will definitely be cuts and scars that leaving long-lasting marks.

Why To Opt For Breast Lift?

You can be a new mom with sagging breasts due to nursing. Or you may develop droopy bosom because of sudden weight lost. In both the cases, breast life can provide tighter breasts in a safe way. Also many women develop breasts quite early in puberty. So their breasts start to sag even in early 40s or somewhere in the vicinity. If you belong to that group, then there is no harm in choosing breast-lift over other natural therapies.

Droopy breasts not only mar your appearance but confidence too. Why not get rid of this problem for once and all? And for it, breast lift is the ultimate methodology that goes less demanding on the pocket than breast implant.

Research About Incision Types

Incision types highly depend upon the degree of sagginess of your breasts and your fitness level. If your breasts are severely droopy, then the surgeon will obviously go for tough measure. The anchor incision is the most body- obtrusive technique that is suitable to lift up the saggiest breasts. Be prepared to incur the most number of scars with it. Do you have bigger-than-necessary breasts that are slacking as well?

Then the ‘scarless’ procedure of bosom lifting is the apt one. Similarly. If you have small droopy breasts and you want both of them to be perked up as well as fuller, then your surgeon might opt for ‘crescent’ lift. Apart from then, the Donut lift as well as Lollipop lift is relevant for moderate and mild sagging- respectively.


Before you embark upon the journey of breast lift surgery, do prepare hard for the unseen. Your lifestyle will go through an overhaul so keep in mind that. Minimum 6 weeks before the procedure, stop smoking and drinking completely. Not only that, junk food, fried and binge-eating are enormous no-no before surgery. As you will have restrictions on your movement at least for one week, ensure that household chores as well as childcare are taken care of- even if you are bed-bound.

Stock up the fridge with low-carb, low-sodium foods such as- fruits, veggies, lean meat to name a few. What are you going to wear during the post recovery period? If suitable clothes are not there, you need to shop for them beforehand.

Selecting The Surgeon

Selecting your surgeon is a hands-on process. Every woman has different body and lifestyle. What works for your friend may not work for you. Same goes to deciding the plastic surgeon, who will perform the breast lift on you. Are you comfortable with male surgeon or it’s the female you want? Do you intend to visit an independent practitioner or someone affiliated with a hospital?

These are the questions that should lead you to the quest of choosing the perfect surgeon for yourself. Similarly, education, certifications, affiliation with medical practitioner’s forum is some crucial parts that you need to inspect upon- before taking a final decision.

Do Your Questionnaire

Once you have zeroed upon the surgeon, it’s time to prepare a questionnaire before heading towards his/her chamber. The questionnaire should include queries regarding the- recuperation period, cost, type of surgery and scars. Don’t forget to ask the doctor- whether or not your body is strong enough to receive such a complicated surgery. What best changes you may anticipate in your boobs once the procedure is done? How to undo it, if the expectation fails to meet the reality?

These are some of the important points that you must not forget to include in your list. Also it’s imperative for the doctor, to show you before-and-after photos, of previous breast-lift patients. Especially insist on ‘side-angle’ photos of the breasts!

Getting The Lift Done

As stated above, there are multiple incision techniques that can be applied while lifting breasts. Based on your age, sagginess of breasts, skin elasticity, medical history the surgeon will zero upon one. First, you have to go the anesthesia that is common for every surgery. After that, the surgeon will trim down the additional bosom skin and put the nipple and areola in an elevated place.

Once the incision is done correctly, the surgeon will again sew back the skin. The scars you will acquire will be hidden beneath your breasts and around areola. They will be visible only when you are nude or wearing revealing clothes showing side boobs.

When Not To Get It Done

If you are not mentally prepared about incurring scars, then breast lift is not for you. There can be severe dilemma. On one hand, you will pine for tighter breasts. On the other hand, the risks may put you off. Don’t visit a surgeon while dilly-dallying. Because no surgeon will thrust the final call upon you. You have to take the decision on your own.

Are you planning to start a family soon? Then getting your breast-lift done might not be the best of the ideas right now. Nursing takes a toll on breasts. So why not wait for the period to get over and then opt for the procedure?

Post – Care

Do remember, that it may take up to 6 weeks to fully recoup from breast lift procedure. However, if you are physically fit from your pre-lift days, you can resume working after 1 week or so. During the first week, hope to experience soreness around areola, nipples and the breast area in general. You will feel difficulty to free arm movement. Try not to stress as your surgeon will provide with a detail list of suggestions. He/she must conduct a counseling session about- do’s and don’ts during the recuperation timeframe.

You need to take plenty of antibiotics too to bounce back first. All of these will be decided after the doctor has analyzed your fitness level and medical history thoroughly before the surgery.

Calculate Risks

If you are doing breast lift for the first time, then it’s quite normal to feel frightened about the whole procedure. Fret not as any professional surgeon will let you know full well the risks and limitations that are associated with breast-lift. The most looming potential risk can be- you won’t be satisfied with the final result. Other than that, negative reaction to anesthesia is quite common among patients.

You might take longer time to bounce back from the drowsiness. The doctor will prescribe you antibiotic pill to rebound faster which may have side-effects and allergy inducing components too. Go through the limitation before the surgery takes place so that you can be mentally prepared.

The Result

The result of a solid breast lift surgery is quite promising. If you are doing it from a quality surgeon, then rest assured that the result will last for more than decades. But to keep your breasts firmer and tighter, you have to take few precautions from your side-too. Don’t ever let your weight increase or decrease rapidly. A few pounds here and there won’t matter much, but sudden change of body weight may jeopardize the firmness of your bosom.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle including nutritious foods, plenty of work-outs, and proper rest. Boozing, smoking, gorging on junk foods will have adverse effects on your breasts and always wear supportive bra- not loose and certainly not tight.

Cost And Insurance

Depending upon your location, obviously the cost of breast lift might go up or down. Include the insurance with it and you will get the whole picture clear. In 2014, the average cost of breast lifting in USA was $4,000 around. Do take note that this cost did exclude- pre-surgery consultation, room-and-service charge as well as post-care rehab and counseling.

Ring up your insurance company to know the terms and conditions regarding breast-lift procedure in your country. There are many plastic surgery clinics that have affordable financial schemes for needy patients. Search for one in your locality. Internet forums might come to your rescue here.

The above points give you a guideline about- how breast lift procedure works. But the experience will be different for each individual. Learning as much as possible and being mentally strong are the ways to pull out all the stops. Also your surgeon is your best friend in the journey. So never lose touch with him/her.



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