What Are The Different Types of Breast Lift Procedures?

The breast lift procedure is becoming extremely popular among women interested in enhancing their breast shapes and appearance. It is quickly overtaking the popularity that breast implant and augmentation has enjoyed for a considerable period of time. Specifically, breast augmentation might not deliver the exact result that a woman wants which makes breast lift an excellent additional procedure. So, when you are not pleased with a breast augmentation procedure, you may want to consider going for a breast lift instead. For many women, a breast lift has helped deliver a more youthful figure and more so without the need for breast implants. There are many different types of breast lift procedures and we shall go into each. One concern is breast lift scars, which we cover on this blog as well.

What is a Breast Lift Surgery?

It is a surgery performed on women who are of the opinion that their “twins” hang closer to your belly in a manner that is becoming quite uncomfortable for you. You might also have realized that your nipples are not as symmetrical as you would want them to appear. This is when a breast lift comes in handy as it provides an answer to this. There are different types of breast lift procedures and it is important for you to understand each of them especially if you are considering undergoing one any time soon or even in the near future. Typically, a breast lift entails raising breast tissue, repositioning the nipple and reshaping the areola.

Different types of breast lift procedures

1. Crescent lift

Just as the name suggests, this procedure entails the removal of a crescent skin at the top of the nipple with the aim of improving the nipple. This is actually the least type of breast lift surgery. As you may have realized it is not very involving.

2. Benelli lift

It is also known as Circumareolar lift and is best suited when you want nipple positioning or even just a mild lift. Another of the many different types of breast lift procedures, a doughnut shaped incision is normally made around your areola. The aim is to remove breast tissue after which the skin is purse stringed in order to tighten the skin of the breast. Compared to other types of breast lift such as mastopexy, Benelli is less invasive. It is important for you to note that a flattening effect may occur on your breasts.

3. Lollipop lift

Lollipop lift is also referred to as vertical scar mastopexy. In this case, a lollipop shaped incision from the breasts’ crease is made both vertically and around the nipples. If you do not like the way your “girls” are hanging, this is the most effective breast lift. Majority of women with low hanging breasts have made use of this plastic surgery technology to achieve a new and near perfect shape for their breasts.

4. Anchor lift

Anchor lift is the next best alternative after lollipop lift. Perhaps the most popular of the different types of breast lift procedures, this is recommended for larger breasts, that hang lower than desired. It is highly recommended for women experiencing a tremendous breast droop. The incision is usually made similar to the lollipop one. However, in this case the incision travels along the crease of the breast and consequently creating an anchor shape. It is the most invasive type of breast lift yet extremely effective for women who have a long infra-mammary fold; the distance from the breast crease and the nipple.

Keep in mind that breast lift scars are common with the different types of breast lift procedures, they do heal and mostly disappear over time. There is basically something for every woman out there depending on what your goals are. It is always about making that decision to go for a breast lift to finally achieve breasts that you are comfortable and proud of. Your surgeon will always come in handy when it comes to deciding among the many different types of breast lift procedures that is the most appropriate for your case.