Getting Your Bust Back After Weight Loss

Before you start your journey on regaining bustline, remember that there is no sure-shot way. You have to mix-and-match and investigate for expert suggestion a lot. But the moot point is- 100% safe method should be the first concern in gaining perky breasts. Don’t do anything that may have adverse effects on your health.

Wear Supportive Bra

Needless to say that wearing a supportive innerwear won’t make your breasts perked up by magic. But they will definitely look bigger and better-in-shape. A good lingerie store (even online) will guide you through the bra collections suitable for your size. So investing on few pieces of undergarment won’t do any harm.

Additionally, keep in mind the neck of your dress or top. Experiment with cowl-neck, v-neck, plunging neck-line or turtle-neck to see which one goes best with your breast shape and bra. A good innerwear makes you confident about your appearance.

Strengthen Skin Elasticity

Strengthening skin elasticity is an inseparable part of getting your bust back. But how to do it? It’s actually a multi-layered step that involves nutritious diet as well as beauty treatment. First, when you are going out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion on your breasts, even they are already covered. The harsh UV rays can run havoc on your breast skin- making it pre-maturely aged and wrinkly.

Furthermore, eat plenty of fruits and veggies that are full of anti-oxidants and protein, to perk up your breasts internally. Lastly, moisturize your breasts minimum twice a day with good quality moisturizer.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking 4-5 liters of water is mandatory if you are hell-bent on getting your bust back. Water slows down the aging process tremendously. When you have lost considerable weight, your skin is already saggy. Dehydration can accelerate the process further. So do yourself a favor and keep sipping water throughout the day.

If you don’t like it, then squeeze a lemon into it or prepare green tea. These two alternatives shall make your breast-skin taut and blemish-free.

Focus on chest muscles

The pectoral muscles construct the base in making your bust bigger. When you are aspiring for big boobs, then it’s pretty normal to fear that the chest exercise may shed off the extra meat. This thought is not entirely baseless. But do remember that perky breasts come only when they are toned up. And for it, lifting weight that shapes up the pectoral muscles has no better alternative.

It is not always possible to do it inside the comfort of your home. So if possible, enroll yourself in the local gym and get it done under the super-vision of a learned instructor.

Consider Massage

Breast massage is one of the most potent ways to get your pre-weight loss bustline. You may go for the professional service but doing it on your own can also yield results. Firstly, decide whether you will do it with oil or cream. Olive oil as well as virgin coconut oils can be wonderful lubricants. Moreover, they are safe on skin.

On the other hand, you may opt for massage cream too. Ensure that it’s natural and herb-based. Before starting out, don’t forget to warm up your hands. 100-200 rubs per session will do and repeat it- twice a day for minimum one month.

May Consider Surgery

If everything else seems too time-consuming, then at the end, you may opt for reconstruction surgery for breasts. Do your research first before going for any option. There are two breast surgeries- implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction. If you opt for the former one, the process will be cheaper and easier to recover from.

The flip side? In the long run, some side effect may crop up or you have to redo it. The flap reconstruction might be complex and more expensive than the former one. But it is for life-time. So depending upon your budget and locally available resources, take your pick.

Go For Yoga

Yoga is the most natural method to pep up your loose breasts. Whether you have lost weight due to fad diet or pregnancy or aging, yoga can treat them all with equal swag! Among all the yoga poses that give you fuller breasts, headstand is the most popular one. But don’t try to do it without learning the correct pose. Else you may strain your neck.

On the other hand, the bow pose, the cobra pose or the backbends are some other yoga postures for lifting up breasts. See YouTube videos, learn from your local Yoga trainer and incorporate them in life. This can definitely assist you in getting back your bigger, pre-weight loss bust.

Keep In Touch With Doctor

In all the above steps, don’t lose touch with your doctor. Before you try out a surgery or supplement, fix an appointment with your immediate health consultant and ask for specific advice. Suppose you are a new mother who is desperate to regain fuller breasts. You saw some promising ads on news paper regarding breast- enhancing oral supplements.

How do you know that the ingredients in it- won’t tamper with your recuperating breasts? Or a breast massage cream may trigger skin itching or redness too. To play on the safe side, you must keep your doctor on loop and do everything under her/his supervision.

Try supplements

If you hate surgeries and vigorous massage program seem too-much work, then supplements should be the last resort. Do you know that Vitamin C boosts up collagen production, which in turn prevents your breasts from aging? On the other hand, for making the bosom firm and toned-up, Vitamin E should be the best bait.

So after consultation with your doctor, start taking supplements that are rich in Vitamin A and E. Additionally, wild yam and saw palmetto are two herbs that have positive impacts on making bigger breasts. Make your choice after analysis.

The above mentioned bust-enhancement points can only provide you with a blue print. After measuring the pros and cons of each method, take your decision. Also, nothing can yield quick result. Patient is the key to recover your lost ‘assets’ back.


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