Breast Lift Surgery Without Implants

Breast lift surgery can be quite successful, even without using breast implants. If you are looking for a natural breast lift but do not want breast implants, there are options nowadays where you can get the lift you want, without implants. Women who think that small breast implants may be for them, or are interested in gummy bear implants, may be a great candidate for a breast lift without implants. Also, if you currently have enough breast tissue and are just looking for a better shape, a breast lift itself should give you the results you are looking for.

Advantages of a Breast Lift Without Implants

•A cheaper option – Since you do not have to worry about cost of implants, the cost for a lift alone is much lower. Since neither breast lifts or breast implants are covered by insurance, avoiding extra costs is a great advantage.

•Better recovery – When it comes to the procedure, breast lift surgery is not as invasive as inserting breast implants. In addition, recovery time is faster and less painful, and it only take a few days to recover.

•Less risks – With breast implants, there can be more complications, whereas there are little to no complications with breast lift surgery.

What to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, be sure that you outline your goals and that your surgeon understands these goals. If your breasts are the desired size and you are looking for a more natural shape, then your plastic surgeon should recommend a breast lift without implants. In addition, looking at before and after pictures is a great way to see your surgeon’s results, and to also get a sense of what your desired results might be.

A breast lift without implants is a great way to get the results you are looking for, without the extra costs and longer recovery time.

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