Breast Health Tips For Every Stage Of Your Life

It’s vital to learn how to take care of your breasts at any given point of time. Whether you are in puberty or going through menopause, your breasts too go through ocean of changes. Maintaining a simple guideline is enough to spark up the health of your bustline. To know more- research.

Learn Breast Change Over Years

Breast growth is completely dependent on hormones progesterone and estrogen. So if you are reading this right now and are in puberty, contemplate that your breasts will begin to show swollenness which is completely natural. Similarly during pregnancy, breasts will be bigger and tender (just like what happens in menstruation cycle).

Last comes menopause. In this period, breast tissues recoil; have less elasticity. So your breasts become smaller in size. Each of these changes call for different technique to care for breasts. But some of them remain unchanged.

Find Right Bra

Finding the right bra is the first step towards breast care. Wear too tight one and it will make your breasts gasping for air and space. Wear a loose one, and it will make them saggy and droopy no time at all. The bra size your wear during 20s can very well be changed during 30s. Ensure that you get your bust measured before placing the order.

Also a good quality bra comes with support cup size that holds your breasts in place. Do remember that different occasions call for different bra. When you are jogging or working-out, don sports bra. Else all these high-intensity activity can damage your mamaries.


Moisturizing breasts twice a day is mandatory for its health. If you are planning to spend a day on the beach, slather your breasts with high-SPF sunscreen. Else, the sensitive skin around your breasts can get tanned and wrinkly. Any good moisturizer will do- to massage your breasts while at home. But if you are looking to make it rounder and bigger, then search for the specific creams or lotions.

You can make the lotion out of your kitchen cabinet too! So many ingredients like- honey, germ seed oil, egg yolk and olive oil are good for moisturizing breasts. For buying online, go for quality products regardless they are on slightly higher-end.

Breastfeed with gusto

The common misconception in the market is that, breastfeeding lead to sagging boobs that are impossible to recover. Well, according to the recent studies, it has been shown that breastfeeding is quite good for your breast in contrary. When you are a feeding your baby for more than 6 months, the chances of catching up ovarian as well as breast cancer diminishes in future.

The estrogen hormone plays an active role to fuller breasts. On the other hand, excessive estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer too. Breastfeed, so that the production of estrogen remain on the reverse gear.


Exercising is the one of the prerequisites to have healthy breasts. Don’t worry upon hearing it. In case you don’t like the confinement of gymnasium, no need to visit there. Instead opt for equipment=free exercise techniques that can be done from the comfort of your room. How about opting for yoga? The downward dog position, headstand, bow pose are some of the terrific yoga postures to tone up your breasts.

Correspondingly, you can go for chest press, wall press, butter-press and working-out with dumbbells for sound breasts. If you love swimming, then breast stroke is the best part to make your boobs perkier and in shape.

Don’t Overdo Medication

Over-doing medication can be contradictory to the health of your breasts. Let’s say mammograms. It is advertised repeatedly- that mammogram is necessary twice a year. But is it so? It is proved that too-much radiation on breasts rather quickens the cancerous cells. Similarly, you will find breast enhancement pills and supplements with glittering promotions.

Don’t get swayed by them, rather does your homework to know about the ingredients more. Same goes for any over-the-counter drug, which claims to reduce chance of breast cancer. Keeping your doctor in the loop is highly advisable here.

Eat Healthy

Add fiber in your diet as well as oxygen. Both support your breasts a lot by reversing anti-aging and making them stronger inside. Green leafy vegetables in diet also decrease the chance of catching up with breast cancer. Kale, spinach, broccoli are excellent veggies to have every day, for the sake of your breasts.

Eat nuts and seeds in moderation. Dietary products such as- cheese and toned milk are good sources of required calcium for breasts. Also binge on fish like -Solomon, tuna and sardine to receive that important Omega-3 fatty acid for your breasts.

Notice The Abnormal Changes

Are your nipples discharging smelling, discolored liquids? Does the skin around your breast show itchiness or redness for quite some time now? In busy lives, it’s so normal to overlook all these changes that your breasts are growing. But you know what? What you are thinking as a harmless discolored patch or normal lump- may lead to disastrous results.

So be aware of your body and learn to figure out what’s typical state of your breast and what’s not.


Self-breast examination is the way to go to detect malignancy in the early stage. Yes, it might make you feel awkward to do it initially. But remember the importance. In 20% of cases, women tend to receive the hint of breast cancer by figuring it out during self check-up.

When you are lactating or in menstruation, your breasts become delicate. So this is not the best of the time to self-check. Do it once the period is over and your boobs are bounced back into the normal condition. It’s always advisable to inspect your breasts in the beginning of each month.

The above points give you a blueprint about- how to go ahead with breast care. Before you go for any medication or supplement or new exercise format, do ask for advice from the experts. Learning to take of your breast decreases the chance of malignancy. Additionally, it also gives them good shapes.


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