50 Breast Enhancement Tips

There is not any sure-fire way to achieve bigger breasts. It’s a mixture of many factors. Some will work for your favor and some won’t. But it’s important to research about them to take informed choice. Go through the below-mentioned points to take up the methods that suit your lifestyle best-

Massage With Grape Seed Oil

Gradeseed oil massage shoots up estrogen level in breasts. Mix this aroma oil with honey or milk and massage your bosom with it every day.

Drink Strawberry Milkshake

Do you love strawberry-flavored ice-cream? Is a bowl of fruit salad incomplete for you, if it doesn’t contain strawberry? Then you will be happy to know that these delicious fruits are beneficial for your boobs too! Strawberry is the natural source of estrogen. Crush strawberry every morning, mix it with milk, and have it on a daily basis for fuller breasts.

Rely On Pills

Always go for herb-based, FDA-approved pills that will trigger breast enhancement. Check out the ingredients, guarantee scheme and side-effects before purchase. You will find plenty of information from the various consumer-based online groups. In case, nobody has used the new supplement you have zeroed on, or the ingredients seem sub-standard, don’t go ahead without background check.

Reconstruction Surgery

If your desperation to get fuller bustline is high, then opt for breast reconstruction surgery. It is of two popular types- implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction. Based on your budget, available resources, and lifestyle- take the choice. But before taking the plunge, prepare yourself for a lengthy recuperating period with restrictive lifestyle.

Pile On Fenugreek Seeds

Apply fenugreek seeds paste on your breast and wash them off after 10 minutes. Include fenugreek seeds in diet or as oral supplement. These seeds fuel the growth of estrogen and progesterone, which lead to enhanced breasts. Sipping into fenugreek herbal tea can contribute into the consistent growth of your breasts.

Wall Push-Ups

Wall push- up is equipment-free, and you can do it anywhere to firm up your breasts. Doing it 15 times per day for 1 month shall make your twin peaks firmer. When you are short of time in busy life, then do wall push-ups during office-break.

Do Modified Push Ups

Lie down on your stomach and do the modified version of push-ups, for perkier boobs. Do it 3 sets, each involving 15 repetitions every day. You will be amazed by the outcome.

Sip Fennel Tea

The flavonoids one can get from fennel seeds- are catalyst to estrogen growth in body. And everybody knows the relation between estrogen and breast development. In one cup of hot water, put 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds, strain it and sip it as a tea- for better breast growth.


Yoga is the most natural form of exercise to boost up breasts. Practice headstand, bow pose and backbends to achieve your goal. Learn to do them safely without straining body-parts. It would be best to get taught from a certified yoga trainer first, and then practicing on your own.


Since ancient times, hydrotherapy acts as natural stimuli for bosom development. It includes steam bath as well as hot shower/cold shower method.

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt is full of good bacteria to push breast-enhancing hormone growth. Mix it with fresh fruits or dry fruits and have daily.

Apply Mask

Like beauty masks that brighten your face, neck or hands, your breasts also call for packs in order to get fine texture. The ingredients that are there in your kitchen cupboard are enough to prepare for breast enhancing masks. Some of them are honey, apple, fenugreek seeds and olive oil etc.

Chair Dips

A chair dip is one of the most effective work-outs to firm up breasts. All you need to have a sturdy chair and enough leg space. Be cautious, so that you don’t slip off while putting your weight on chair.

Eat Monounsaturated Fat

Monounsaturated fats are good for body. Instead of fries and junks, eat avocado, almond cake/smoothie or Mediterranean foods. The last one is rich in olive oil, which in turn expands breasts.

Dairy Products

Include cheese, pasteurized milk and curd in daily diet for increasing level of estrogen as well as progesterone in body. They in turn increase your breast size.

Chomp On Banana

The potassium and magnesium present in banana is instrumental for breast growth. Eat it raw, in fruit salad or as smoothie.

Massage With Ice

Massage your breasts with ice. Once done, put on a well-fitted bra, and let the goodness of the massage sink in. It’s instant remedy to perk up breasts.

Puereria Mirifica

This estrogen herb increases your breast size- making them rounder and firmer. Take oral supplement or massage your breast with the extract oil of this plant.

Whey Protein Supplement

Whey protein supplement is a good source of huge protein pre or post-work out. This supplement makes your boobs stronger and lifts them up properly.

Include Chicken In Diet

Dressed chicken is the best form of lean meat. Eat baked chicken, boiled chicken or roasted chicken to get high protein nutrient to perky breasts.

Choose Lingerie Carefully

Push up bra and padded bra is two boons of modern lingerie design that make your breasts appear bigger naturally. Invest in good innerwear to appear voluptuous.

Maintain Erected Posture

Stand straight with chin out and tummy-in posture. This will make your bustlime fuller. The more you slouch, the droopier your breasts look. If the erected posture doesn’t come to you naturally, then rehearse it daily in front of mirror till the time you ace it completely.

Avoid Caffeine

Too much caffeine puts a stop in the Phytoestrogen growth inside your body. This hormone is the biggest factor behind breast endowment. So when you are on a mission of fuller busts, stay away from caffeine.

Ignore Weight Loss Fads

Ignore the weight loss fads if you want to enhance your breast size. A crash diet pill can have severe side-effects, if it’s not FDA-approved. It’s better to rely upon natural methods such as work-out and healthy foods.

Get Vitamin Supplements

Along with maintaining a nutritious diet, vitamin supplements may play bigger role in increasing bust line. Vitamin A, C and E are the most effective ones to perk up your breasts.

Utilize Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is one of the best forms of good saturated fat. Take one teaspoon daily or massage your breasts with it. Both will yield bigger bustline.

Include Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto herb increases estrogen level in your body. Make a thick milkshake with Saw Palmetto and have it twice every day. Continue it for 1 month to see the result.

Exercise With Dumb-bells

Exercising with dumbbells will have a fantastic effect on your upper body part. Do it thrice a week for 1 month and your breasts will tone up real fast.

Drink Red Clover tea

Containing phytoestrogens, red clover flowers can make for excellent tea leaves for breast growth. Put them in hot water, strain the concoction and drink twice daily.

Learn Massage Techniques

Breast massage on a daily basis is imperative for fuller busts. But you need to maintain a step-by-step approach. The massage should be done on two breasts one after another. The direction of the motion should be- first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

Use Intelligent Dressing

Using intelligent dressing is another way to camouflage your small breasts. Do it till the time you are not satisfied with your bustline. Use bronzer and intelligent make-up, in case you are wearing deep neck top. Experiment with design of the neck lines too.

Apply Sunscreen On Breasts

Applying sunscreen on your breasts is the very best treatment you can give to them. Sunscreen lotion will protect your bosom from the harmful UV rays, which can sear through clothing layers. UV ray exposure can produce wrinkles, acne and shrinking skin to your breasts. This will mess up your whole breast enhancement program.

Take Contraceptive Pills

This is quite controversial and need medical consultation beforehand. But contraceptive pills are high on estrogen.

Eat Radish

Eating radish for bigger breast is quite helpful. Radish is full of astringent quality that helps you to achieve fuller bosom.

Take Tips From Instructor

When you are following a diet or experimenting with work-out, always go for the advice of an expert in respective field. The internet is full of tips (including this list!). But based on your food allergy, medication list or physiology, an expert can provide the best solutions.

Eat Soy Products

Include soy chunks and soy milk in your diet. Soy is made of phytoestrogens (called flavones) which can be beneficial for the process of breast enlargement.

Go For Arm Circling

Arm circling is beneficial to pump up blood circulation in breasts. This also tones up your bosom and makes them perkier.

Apply Egg Yolk Pack

Egg yolk is high on protein. Apply it raw on your breasts for 10 minutes every day and then wash off with warm water. You may mix grated cucumber or honey with it as well.

Do Bench-press

Bench press works on the supporting pectoral muscle a lot. This ultimately gives you a perked up cleavage and better blood flow.


Pectoral muscle exercise is mandatory in bigger breasts work-out regimen. What’s better way to nurture it than swimming? Breast strokes, while swimming, tone up your breasts.


If intense work-out seems monotonous, dance your way to bigger breasts. Add Zumba, belly dancing or Pole dancing in your exercise routine. This will enhance your bosoms eventually.

Does Side Swerves

Sit straight with spreading your legs in front of you. Now move body left side till maximum point. Do the reverse too. In this way, your breasts will look firmer and perkier.

Eat Fish

Fish contains good fat that increases weight in the right body parts. Include tuna, sardine and Solomon fish in your daily diet to enhance your bosom naturally. Do remember that if you are on the heavier side, then there is no need to have fish on a daily basis. Rather stick it to twice or maximum thrice a week.

Eat Glucose Laden Foods

Eating sugar is good to have big breasts. But it comes with unhealthy fat storage too. So pick up healthy glucose-laden foods like brown sugar, dark chocolate to include in your diet.

Apply Onion Juice Pack

Onion juice is made of estrogens. Incorporate it in life in order to get bigger boobs. Make onion juice-and-red-lentil pack and apply it on breasts. Honey –and-onion-juice-mask works as natural breast lotion too.

Brew Breast-Enhancing Tea

Ginger honey tea is considered to be the best brew to enhance breast. Ginger is celebrated in China for its bosom development property too. During summer, ginger honey cold tea will also serve as healthy refresher.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most benevolent thing to do with your bustline. Take at least 4-5 liters of water every day. Water intake put the aging process on reverse gear-thus making your breast-skin taut and blemish free. This in turn assists the breast enhancement method passively. If you don’t like to sip into the raw taste of water, then drink green tea or lime-water without sugar.

Include Dry Fruits In Diet

Dates, prunes, walnuts, cashew boosts up estrogen level as well as fiber intake in body. Eat them with fruit salad, as shakes or in home-baked goodies. Go innovative and put handful of dry fruits into the cake batter or custard.

Olive Oil And Pomegranate Extract Massage

Boil pomegranate extracts with virgin olive oil. Strain it, cool it off and store it. Massage your breasts with this tonic every night before sleep. See how positive the result will be! The anti-oxidants present in both the oils put a nourishing effect on the pectoral muscles.

Meditate And Keep Patience

Lastly, achieving feminine and curvaceous breasts take time. Rushing into it or constantly worrying over will have adverse physical effect. Practice meditation, keep patience and attempt consistently every day.

The above points give you head up towards gaining bigger bosoms. This is not possible that you can follow each of them consistently. Try out and zero on the most suitable ones.

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