Boost Your Bust – An Honest Review

This article has been contributed by Martha – an user of Boost Your Bust. 

Thanks for checking out my review, if you are serious about wanting to know how to increase breast size then this is definitely the right place for you with this Boost Your Bust!

My daughter encouraged me to write this review, because we got taken by false promises of many products for natural breast enhancement. So, in order to minimize the victims of these scams and watered down information, we decided to step up.

Basically, this is my honest Boost Your Bust a guide on how to naturally increase breast size.

Before grabbing yourself a copy, here are some IMPORTANT details you must know.

Boost Your Bust – How Natural Breast Enhancement Works

The natural way to increase breast size requires two important factors, the first thing is correct hormone levels and the second one is proper diet that helps to achieve this cause.

This guide will help you re-create the same hormonal conditions that were present when you were in your puberty or a pregnant woman. Estrogen is the main hormone which determines the size of our breast.

Getting the estrogen levels right inside your body is the first step to increase breast size. You must take note that there are also fake estrogens present in your body.

This is why it is important to cut out any excess levels of estrogen, and remove the fake estrogen that prevents the proper growth of your breasts.

It is only produced when you were in your puberty or pregnant, it makes your breast fill out and rounded up like a pregnant woman. It is produced through the consumption of a variety of herbs.

Another hormone that is essential for proper breast growth is the growth hormone that promotes growth in various parts of the body. You can also do some breast enhancement exercises targeting specific muscles in your chest area to lift your breast, making it look better.

Herbs Are The Basis Of This Program

This program naturally relies mainly on herbs to get your breasts to grow. Relying on these herbs within your body will give you a fantastic opportunity to get the results your after. Herbs are very powerful medicines. A recipe is provided to promote proper balance of hormones in the body for best results. The recipe, once made will be your breast massage cream.

Enhancing Your Results With Food

Hormones are  significant factors to increase breast size so to make sure that your results are permanent, you must keep your hormones in check. Include lots of protein and less carbohydrate in your diet.

Protein helps us grow and replace damage parts in our body, while carbohydrates promote the increase in insulin. Insulin makes your body create more testosterone.

From what I’ve learned in the book, testosterone is a KILLER of natural breast enlargement programs. It is the male hormone, the more male hormones you have, the less lady like your features will become.

What to Expect?

Manipulating the hormone levels and other aspects of your body will make you experience a lot of changes with your breast. You will experience growth pains as your breast starts to swell; it means that you’re producing new cells in order to make up for the growth. A slow and steady growth will be achieved in six months.

Possible Side Effects Of This Treatment

The program may have 3 side effects which are:

Mood swings

Because of the enhanced hormone levels in your body you will experience all sorts of enhanced emotions.


Some women have reported feeling tired after taking some of the herbs in this program.

Irregular Periods

Because these herbs are directly affecting the hormones that control your periods, they can make your period come earlier or later than normal.In this day and age, there is a lot of pressure to conform to certain images of women leading them to desperately seek ways of how to increase breast size. As a result of this, many women feel inadequate and unhappy about how they look.

We have become so concerned with how we look that we are prepared to go to almost any length to try to achieve bigger breast size, something that for most of us is unachievable. Inevitably this leads to disappointment.

I strongly feel that you should pick a copy of the guide and follow it religiously to achieve the best results. My daughter is a walking testament.

I hope my Boost Your Bust review has helped you.


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